About Us

About Us

Avata was brought to conception with the vision to detox our mind and body from our hectic city life. Our instructors are here to guide you in your journey towards reconnecting with your spiritual self and help you find the perfect harmony between your mind, body, and soul. Situated in the heart of the city, we do not just provide you with spa services but with an escape from your busy life and give you a holistic wellness experience.

Our Vision

There is no doubt about how hectic and draining the city life can be; this realization and the need for a small escape from the city’s hectic life is how Avata came to be. At Avata, our vision is to provide you with a space to unwind, relax and rediscover yourself. Our services are solely catered with the intent to pamper your mind, body, and soul.

Letter From The Chairman 

"Nepal in itself has been a spiritual hub for centuries. Sages from all over the world have come to Nepal to further their journey towards mindfulness. 

With Avata, we aimed to capture both the spiritual and scenic beauty of the Himalayas and create a getaway from the city life situated within the city. Prior to our acquisition, this place used to be a meditation center for years. Thus, this place holds many spiritual essences that we aim to keep intact with our yoga studio

Customer satisfaction has been our number one priority. We hope you consider Avata to be your personal oasis and your space to unwind from the hectic city life."