Yoga Instructor Details


Cassie - Yoga Instructor

Motivated yoga instructor trained in Sanatan (Classical) Hatha yoga style under the guidance of Dr. Chintamani Gautam. 

Cassie's main aim is to inspire others to improve wellness and commit to the long-term goal of health and fitness. Passionate about spreading her love for yoga and helping others in their journey by sharing her extensive knowledge and many years of experience. Weaving together Hatha yoga, Yoga philosophy, Asthanga principles, and Pranayama (Breathing exercise) Cassie will challenge your strength and deepen your flexibility in one of her classes. Release all your pent-up emotions with one of Cassie's flexibility classes, breathing through each asana and releasing as you exhale.

"After practicing yoga over several years and personally experiencing significant changes physically, mentally, and spiritually I am now very confident and excited to share my experience with keenly interested souls"- Cassie

Cassie's classes consist of Sanatan (Classical) style Hatha, Yoga, Gentle Flow, and Power Yoga focusing on Stretch, Strength, and Flexibility as well as Ashtanga vinyasa primary series.