Yoga Instructor Details


Ramesh Sapkota - Wellness Manager

"I grew up in a culture where Yoga was not something to do but something to be”

As a young child, I was introduced to a variety of yoga practices by my parents who continue to maintain the spiritual and cultural traditions of Nepal. Influenced by their practices, I started practicing yoga, mantras, and yantras at seven years of age, and during the course of my life have had the opportunity to live with gurus in ashrams and in caves where I learned the traditional yogic practices and a sattvic lifestyle.  

Alongside my BFA (Bachelor in Fine Arts), BA in Sanskrit Mythology, Buddhism, and Yoga, I completed my 200 RYS with the World Yoga Alliance and have been teaching hatha yoga, mantra, yantra(mandala), tantra, pranayama, and nada yoga for the last several years as well as specializing in Himalayan singing bowl therapy and yantra meditation.

Whilst the majority of my time is spent teaching, sharing, and learning in the Kathmandu Valley, I have been privileged enough to teach internationally in high profile private sector companies (e.g. Google and Lululemon), prolific yoga studios and festivals throughout China, Thailand, Spain, Ukraine, UK, Germany, and Belgium that has led to a deeper knowledge of what yoga and yantra is and how it is interpreted from culture to culture. The incorporation of singing bowls, yantra imagery, and mantra into general hatha yoga practices ensures that the practitioners (students) enjoy an enriched yoga experience that unites both the physical and spiritual elements of the traditions. Ultimately, I seek to instill in people the same love of yoga that my parents and gurus instilled in me. "