Sanatana Yoga

Sanatana Yoga

Sanatana is a Sanskrit word that refers to the eternal or universal norms and responsibilities that humans must follow to achieve unity with absolute or Divine Consciousness. Sanatan Yoga refers to the Eternal Truth or Divine Union-Yoga that existed before creation, continues to exist during existence, and will continue to exist when all matter has vanished.

Sanatana Yoga is founded on the ancient teachings of Yoga and takes a holistic approach to personal development (body, mind, and soul) (Hatha, Jnana, and Raja Yoga). Our teachings are heavily influenced by the Gitananda Yoga Tradition, in which Jnandev and Deepika, the founders, have received substantial training in this holistic approach to Yoga. 


Mats, blocks and bolsters are provided. 

Suitable for all levels of practitioners. 



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