Yoga isn’t just touching your toes, bending your body backward, and clasping your hands together to say Namaste. It is more than that- yoga is a way of living. It is the awakening of the mind, spreading of awareness from head to toe, and opening of hearts through the power of breath combined with movement.

Yoga is a skill in action. Come as you are. Embrace the inner self. Play whether in movement or stillness. Let your breath be your guide as you surrender to the flow. Lay bare your soul on the mat with open minds and hearts. Prepare to fill your cups. Transform the way you think, break free from the tyranny of thoughts and emotions.

Join us at Avata where we offer a wide variety of yoga and meditation classes. We teach the classics along with new forms of yoga Aerial Yoga, Private sound healing classes, and Reiki. All levels are welcome!

Our yoga studio is spacious and fits about 50 people. A little cool fact about our studio: it was previously a meditation center for years and holds a lot of spiritual essences. Our instructors are highly qualified professionals who know yoga like the back of their hands. We have different teachers from all walks of life who bring different experiences to the table. We guarantee you that you’re in good hands. At Avata our teachers are warm, kind, and friendly; always ready to help.

Our studio is a sanctuary with a capacity of 50 people. You can discover your flow and rebalance in daily classes with the sights, sounds, and smell of mother nature. With a heated floor and air purifier, we want all our practitioners to get recollect and be able to find inner peace while in the sessions.  All the practitioners will receive complimentary detox water after the class.  

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Our Teachers

One of the most brilliant souls in their fields, our teachers are here to guide you and assist you through your journey of wellness and mindfulness.
Ramesh Sapkota
Wellness Manager
Yoga Instructor
Yoga Instructor
Yoga Instructor

Workshop & Master Classes

Some of our available workshops and master classes

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Sound Bath - 13 Nov 2021


Come lay your heart to rest and find your center again with Ramesh as he bathes you in the healing power of the Himalayan sound bo... Read More

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Trataka Meditation - 20 Nov 2021


Trataka (or candle gazing) is a powerful and potent technique that can bring both joy and simultaneously calm and focus your mind.... Read More

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Yoga Hike - 4 Dec 2021


We are so excited to announce our second Yoga & Hike class happening Saturday 4th December!
Take a break and reconnect... Read More