Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga

When traditional yoga asanas and yoga philosophies are combined with the aerial arts, the byproduct is Aerial Yoga. It is also known as anti-gravity yoga. Silk fabrics and/or ropes are used in aiding practitioners for movement. It involves a lot of lying down in hammocks, wrapping body parts in silks, suspending body parts to create traction and open our bodies more gently and intuitively. 

Aerial yoga allows one to breathe deeply without any restrictions. It enables one to maintain every pose without pressure, and over time, one can improve stress less back, flexibility and increase lung capacity. In addition, it improves blood circulation, stimulates digestion, detoxifies the body, improves balance and develops new body skills. It’s fun and fully rejuvenates the body. 


Mats, blocks and bolsters are provided. 

Suitable for all levels of practitioners. 




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