Regular Yoga

Regular Yoga

Yoga is a way of living. 

Come as you are. Embrace the inner self. Awaken the mind, spread awareness from the head to toe, and open your heart with the power of breath combined with movement. 

Let your breath be your guide as you surrender to the flow. Lay bare your soul on the mat with open minds and hearts. Transform the way you think. Break free from the tyranny of thoughts and emotions.

The Yogshala at Avata is a thoughtfully curated space, where different forms of classical and modern yoga fuse together.

Yoga has been shown to have numerous health benefits such as reducing anxiety, depression and pain, improving cardiovascular health, flexibility and balance. Additionally, yoga has been found to improve one's focus, attentiveness, and overall sense of well-being, making it an effective tool for enhancing overall health and wellbeing. 

To beat the stresses of everyday life, Avata runs regular morning and evening yoga classes throughout the week. Diverse events and activities within the spectrum of classical and contemporary yoga are also organized during the weekend. 

Our spacious yogshala can accommodate up to 25 people, while maintaining a safe distance between each other. Our instructors are highly seasoned and experienced in their styles of yoga. We guarantee high quality, great hospitality and an amazing experience at Avata. 

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