YINYASA is a fusion of two distinct yoga styles: Yin and Vinyasa. It combines the passive, long-held poses of Yin with the dynamic, flowing movements of Vinyasa.

In the traditional Yin practice, we work on a "cold" body, holding poses to gently stretch our connective tissue, which benefits our joints and internal organs. This helps open up the body, increase flexibility, and promote energy flow while fostering a contemplative and non-reactive state of mind.

During the class, we'll start with Yin poses to prepare your body. After holding these poses for a few minutes, we'll transition into a Vinyasa flow to strengthen and invigorate both your body and mind.

In a nutshell, YINYASA offers 75 minutes of self-care and a balanced blend of Yin and Vinyasa for your overall well-being.


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