Avani Coconut oil 200ml


Avani’s100% natural cold-pressed extra virgin coconut oil abounds in goodness.  Made from some of the finest coconuts, it is a highly versatile oil that can be used from head to toe. With immense benefits for your health, coconut oil is a great alternative to refined oils. Loaded with antimicrobial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory coconut oil can do wonders for your body, skin, and hair. 


  • Acts as a make-up remover

  •  Plays the perfect lip balm

  • Acts as a moisturizer

  • Nourishes cracked skin and cuticles.

  • Acts as a cleanser 

  • Acts as a hair conditioner

  • It helps reduce the frizz

  • Minimizes dandruff


  • Price : Rs. 595
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