Healing Drops - 20gms

This oil has too many wonderful ingredients. Rosehip Oils is one of the most luxurious oils which is also known for its ability to treat burn & acne scars combined with another scar healing oil – Tamanu. Unique Omega 5 fatty acid, Puninic acid in Pomegranate oil helps fight signs of ageing & increases cellular regeneration. Oils with high Linoleic content like Watermelon Seed help problematic skin improve sebaceous gland function, formation of acne. The wonder ingredient – Bisabolol – has one too many functions. It has anti-microbial activity, illuminates the skin, helps the penetration of essential oils in the skin, reduces sunburn. Extracts of Coenzyme Q10 & Seabuckthorn are powerful antioxidants and free radical scavengers that help skin from sun damage, environmental stress and and enhances the the action of enzymes in the skin. Healing blend of essential oils of Helichrysum, Neroli & Carrot Seed makes this oil a wonder healing oil for scars, combination to dry skin.

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